Eyelash is leader of SongPack. She is pinkish-brown and has brown eyes with several,long whiskers over her eyes.


Eyelashkit was of Riverclan. She was the most advanced of the kits and Starclan allowed her to become an apprentice at only 3 moons, trained under Crookedstar himself. Eyelashpaw was even able to bring down a deer for the fresh-kill pile and attacked a raiding Thunderclan and won by herself in just a few moments. However it is revealed that she did not even scar one apprentice or warrior. She is asked to stay in the camp and have all the prey she likes as a reward when Nightstar attacks the very next day. The reason why she did not hurt the Thunderclan cats was because she did not know fighting meant spilling blood. After seeing how cruelly the cats treated each other she ran into battle, faked her death and escaped with her brothers, Moosekit and Foxkit. She grew up and discovered a flower with a side effect in the smell which forever calms the cats. She adopted the name as simple Eyelash and also adopted loners,kittypets and even calmed and adopted rouges. Renamed,fully grown Moose and Fox took each one-third of the cats.Eyelash decided to call her group SongPack. Moose took control of LakePack and Fox of RockPackEdit


  • She would have become Eyelashwhisker.

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