Here is a picture of Icepath :3

Icepath is a small gray tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes, a fluffy white chest, muzzel and belly, 3 dark gray paws and one white, and a fluffy striped tail with a dark gray tip.


Icepath is born in Iceclan along with her sister, Leaffeather. Her mother, Lilyheart, is very protective of them, because of the rouge's that live in the forest. Her father, Stormtail, rarley visits them, suggesting that he doesn't care much about them. Lilyheart one day asks him if he loves her, and her sighs and tells her he does, but now that he's deputy, he is very busy.


Mother: Lilyheart

Father: Stormtail

Sister: Leaffeather

Half Brothers: Stonepelt and Oaktail

Mates: Mythblaze (Formerly), Blazeshadow

Sons: Lionheart, Firestorm, Bounceberry

Daughters: Echosong, Brokenheart


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