Reedstar is a lean pale gray tom with darker gray stripes, a long tail so thickly striped there are only a few evenly-spaced streaks of pale gray, long legs, wide tattered ears, a battle-scarred pelt with a long scar on his muzzle, ice-blue eyes, broad paws and a broad head.(Reedstar is one of the two cats I own who have the most elaborate descriptions)


Current: SwiftClan

Past: SwiftClan


Kit: Reedkit

Apprentice: Reedpaw

Warriror: Reedfur

Deputy: Reedfur

Leader: Reedstar


Residence: StarClan

Cause of Death: Killed in Battle


Mossytail-Deceased, Verified StarClan Member

Sorrelheart(formerly)-Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member


Muddy-Grandfather(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Fern-Grandmother(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Blaze-Grandfather(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Mya-Grandmother(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Swiftstar-Father(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Leafdapple-Mother(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Brackenstorm-Uncle(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Furrytail-Uncle(Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member)

Violetwhisker-Aunt(Deceased, Verified StarClan member)

Mouseclaw-Brother(Status Unknown)

Boulderstorm-Brother(Status Unknown)

Fallenwhisker-Brother(Status Unknown)

Dappleclaw-Sister(Status Unknown)

Jaggedlight-Brother(Status Unknown)

Flashtail-Brother(Status Unknown)

Ripplestar-Brother[littermate(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)]

Rainstar-Brother[littermate(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)]

Mossheart-Sister[littermate(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)]

Quicktail-Brother(Deceased, Verified Place of No Stars Member)

Swiftclaw-Brother(Status Unknown)

Flamefur-Cousin(Status Unknown)

Flintfur-Cousin(Status Unknown)

Furlclaw-Cousin(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Moletooth-Cousin(Status Unknown)

Fishclaw-Son(Status Unknown)

Fenneltail-Son(Status Unknown)

Cedarthorn-Son(Status Unknown)

Graystar-Son(Status Unknown)

Breezefur-Son(Status Unknown)

Birdtail-Daughter(Status Unknown)

Falconheart-Son(Status Unknown)

Hawktail-Son(Status Unknown)

Rainfall-Son(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Gorsefur-Son(Status Unknown)

Sticktail-Son(Status Unknown)

Copperfur-Son(Status Unknown)

Lionfur-Son(Status Unknown)

Mossystar-Daughter(Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member)

Sunnystar-Son(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Splashstar-Son(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Sonicstar-Grandson(Status Unknown)

Silverstar-Grandson(Status Unknown)

Sedgestar-Grandaughter(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Rainleaf-Grandson(Status Unknown)

Sparrowstar-Nephew(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Thrushfur-Nephew(Status Unknown)

Foxreed-Nephew(Status Unknown)

Finchfeather-Nephew(Status Unknown)

Reedfall-Nephew(Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member)

Stormleap-Nephew(Deceased, Suspected StarClan Member)

Halfbranch-Nephew(Deceased, Verified StarClan Member)

Smokefoot-Nephew(Status Unknown)

Pigeonfeather-Niece(Status Unknown)

Thunderstrike-Nephew(Status Unknown)

Rowanstar-Distant Descendant(Living)

Aspenfall-Distant Descendant(Living)

Willowfall-Distant Descendant(Living)

Appletail-Distant Descendant(Living)

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